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Who are We?

“Girl Scouts of the USA believes, like so many of you, that there are thousands of former Girl Scouts who  have benefited greatly from their Girl Scout experience and strongly believe in the Girl Scout Mission. There are so many, many other adults who support and applaud what Girl Scouting stands for and its services to girls in today’s communities. Yet these people are not connected or linked with the Girl Scout organization in the United States. Building a broader based adult membership would fill this void and enhance the scope of services Girl Scout councils can offer in diverse areas of their overall jurisdiction.

Building a broader based membership would also

contribute to the overall diversity of the movement,

increase public recognition and understanding of Girl

Scouting, and provide a continuity for graduating

Senior Girl Scouts.”

Frances Hasselbein, Chief Executive Officer

of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. from 1976-1990


Our membership ranges from young women to grandmothers… from students to retired women an even several who are celebrating more than 50 years as registered Girl Scouts!

We founded GSA based on three premises:

  One of every four women in the San Francisco Bay Area has a Girl Scouting background.

  By sharing our skills and expertise, we can make a difference in the lives of today’s Girl Scouts.

  It’s never too late to have some more Girl Scout fun!


The GSA is supported by the Girl Scouts of Northern California, by making our presence known to GSNC members.  GSA’s members are women who have been in Girl Scouting their whole lives, and those who have joined as adults solely because of GSA. We have members who are active in Girl Scouting through troops, service units, and council-oriented volunteer positions, and those who have no children in Girl Scouting but love what Girl Scouting and GSA offers to them.


What do we do?


We Help…

4  by providing leadership and talent resources at special events sponsored by GSNC,

4  by directing our fundraising proceeds to areas not always covered by the Council’s budget,

4  by hosting events for older Girl Scouts and assist in Council activities,

4  by creating awareness of the Girl Scouting movement and what it offers to all ages of its members.


We Have Fun!

GSA members enjoy the camaraderie of being with women who share similar ideals and we always have fun!

v  At our annual Women’s Weekend at Camp Bothin, we sing around the campfire,

v  Eat s’mores, learn new crafts and relax!

v  In the past we have had ski trips, theater parties and family picnics.

v  Every few years we plan a trip– open to all adult Scouts – to a place significant to Girl Scouting. So far, we’ve been to Savannah, Georgia, Pax Lodge in London and Our Cabana in Mexico.



Join us!

 We are Women from the San Francsico Bay Area, and welcome anyone, no matter where you come from.

Have you been looking for a convenient way to be involved with Girl Scouts again?  Join Us!

If you signed up for the Girl Scout Alumnae through the Girls Scouts of Northern California website, your membership is not linked to us. It is for a National registry for Girl Scout Alumnae. If you are interested in  joining us please contact our membership director through this website.

The Girl Scout Promise
On my honor, I will try:
   To serve God* and my country.
   To help people at all times,
   and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

* You may substitute a word that more accurately reflects your spiritual beliefs here.

The Girl Scout Law
I will do my best to be
   honest and fair,
   friendly and helpful,
   considerate and caring,
   courageous and strong, and
   responsible for what I say and do,
and to
   respect myself and others,
   respect authority,
   use resources wisely,
   make the world a better place, and
   be a sister to every Girl Scout.


Girl Scout Alumnae of Northern California
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter